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Monday, February 15, 2010

El Ranchero Factory Taco Shop #3 - Shrimp Burrito Review

El Ranchero Factory Taco Shop #3
4370 Palm Avenue 
San Diego, CA 92154-1760 
(619) 662-1560

I've passed by this taco shop for months and I've never been inside until today.  It's located off Palm Ave on the 805, in the same plaza as McDonalds & KFC.

Shrimp Burrito Review:
Ingredients: Battered Shrimp, purple onion, sauce, cilantro, lettuce (mixed like coleslaw), chili/peppers & rice on the side.

Size: 7/10
Burrito is above average in size.  I'm comparing it to the last shrimp burrito that I ate earlier in the week.

Taste:  7/10
This shrimp burrito has a ranchy/saucy type taste to it.  I'm not a fan of the taste but for those who like it saucy, they will like this burrito.  I'm also not a fan of lettuce and this had a coleslaw type taste to it.  I give it a 7/10 because it's good, but I prefer not to have lettuce and that ranchy taste.

Will I Get Full? 7/10
I did not get full from this burrito and my hunger was not satisfied. 


Shrimp count: 12
They used battered shrimp and the shrimp size was above average.  However the shrimp count was pretty low at only 12 shrimps.

Recommend? YES! but...
Only if you like the ranchy/saucy taste and if you like lettuce or coleslaw.  If you're on a budget and only have $5 to spend, I'd also recommend it.  Personally, I think there's better out there so I will probably not return for their shrimp burrito.

Price: $4.39, after taxes $4.77

Have you eaten at El Ranchero Factory Taco Shop?  How did you like it?  Give us your thoughts and leave a comment below.

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